Mage Duels

What is Mage Duels?

Mage Duels is an arena fighting game developed by Shattered Rune.

Mage Duels was inspired by the subculture of PvP duels in games like Ultima Online and World of Warcraft.

Development Process

Currently Mage Duels is a project of Erik Ashcraft, working in his spare time to move the game forward. Updates are posted when possible. We are currently looking to bring in more resources as interest around the game rises.


Donations made to MageDuels will go directly to development costs such as 3D models and sound effects. We greatly appreciate any donations we receive.


State: PreAlpha – Active Development
Developer:  Shattered Rune
Game Type: Third person, multiplayer-only, arena match
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
Engine: Unity3D
Twitter: @MageDuels
Facebook: MageDuels