Server testing

I put some time in to getting a test server up and running this weekend. I was hoping to have something up and running, however there seems to be some issues with dropping connections randomly and the connection locking up after so many disconnects that needs immediate attention.

This process is sort of trial by fire, if you will. I have never set up a custom game server before, and it is a long ways from running a cs 1.6 server. I initially set up a VPS with, unfortunately they informed me I would not be able to upload my server and run it. So I have moved over to a VPS and am working on getting everything up and running.

Once I have worked out some of the kinks with connection losses and the server locking up, I really hope to allow people to start trying out the game!

Server Test 2016-01-30(server test on NFO VPS)

Erik: refresh and try again
Devin: ok
Erik: now i see you
Erik: dropped again
Devin: yah
Devin: and it sent me to the main menu and i cant click join again
Erik: I know, there is an issue with the mouse pointer not showing. refresh and it should let you again
Devin: ok
Devin: shit kicked me again
Devin: lol
Devin: you need to get the problems out first so you wont get bombarded with hey the thing kicks me
Erik: yea