Master Server

The 0.0.3 release will be put on a bit of a back-burner as I work to get the master server up and running. It wasn’t originally on the list of todo’s for 0.0.3, but after some consideration I feel that it would serve to benefit the game.

What is a master server?
From unity

The Master Server is a meeting place that puts game instances in touch with the player clients who want to connect to them. It can also hide port numbers and IP addresses and perform other technical tasks that arise when setting up network connections, such as firewall handling and NAT punchthrough.

I am making a few changes to unity’s master server code to make it support matches. Each server will be given a set of states: Open, Ready, In Use. An open server can be joined by a single player. The player will configure the set up of the server. Once configuration is updated the server goes into a ready state. Another player can join a ready server to start a match.

Eventually the servers will be able to support multiple game types, be password protected, as well as being set for 1v1 or team v team.

Right now the goal is to get a few match servers up and running.