How to

Basic for duels (1v1):

  1. Fight to get debuffs/buffs trough
  2. Fight to get opponent to defensive stance
  3. Dump-time (combos, big spells)
  4. Finishing spells

1. First thing to do is get spell Hex or Empower trough while preventing them from getting Hex or Empower though using Disrupt, Concuss, or Poison.

Hex is lowers opponents stats and decreases their damage. Empower raises your stats and increases. So choose whether you want to play offensively or defensively.

Poison takes a lot of time to cast it considering your opponent most likely will fizzle it by using small spells too.

1.1 Now you have Hexed your opponent, you need to get Empower through.
1.2 Now you have Empowered your opponent, you need to get Hex through.
Use the same strategy as before, using Disrupt, Concuss, or Poison.

2. It’s time to get opponent defensive.
Keep your opponent Poisoned. It will fizzle some of their spells or force them to cure themselves. You can also attempt to disrupt their heals and cures using Disrupt or Concuss while adding in mid range spells Fireball and Lightning.

2.1 If you find your self on the defensive, try and turn things around by getting in a Poison. Try to play closer so your Concuss’ do more damage and make it harder for them to take advantage and get bigger spells off.

3. Combo time. Now is very good time to try cast big delay spells.
Mana Blast and Explosion have a delay between the time it is targeted to when its effect hits. This can create an opportunity for combos.
The most common combo is Explosion + Arcane Bolt.
Others include :
Explosion + Burn
Mana Blast + Disrupt
Mana Blast + Concuss

3.1 If opponent hasn’t lost big amount of hp you could go for the 2 Explosion combos.

3.2 If opponent has lost big amount of hp go for the 2 faster Mana Balst Combos.

4. You should limit yourself to direct damage spells (without delays) like Lightning and Burn while disrupting your opponent and keeping them poisoned.



While fighting you are looking at your hp bar, opponents hp bar and opponents spells. You don’t have time to look at what keys you press so learn them out well. Practice makes perfect!

Learn the words of power. You will need to be able to identify what your opponent is casting based on the words displayed when they cast.

When on the defensive, simply cast Cure and Heal as fast as you can.
Monitor your opponents spells and try cast Regenerate whenever possible.
Try keep distance between you and your opponent. Concuss is more powerful at close range.
Always attempt to fizzle your opponents combos.