New team members!


That’s right. Mage Duels is welcoming some new team members this week!

I have been talking to several people after posting on reddit. There has been a lot of talk about current and future state of the game. Each person brings a new facet of ideas and experience.

First, we have brought on a new developer who was self-employed. He has hopes to help with the procedural arenas. The code base has been moved to a new repository to help facilitate the collaboration.

Next, we are looking at a couple of designers to help flesh out the mechanics and overall feel of the game. I have been having some very interesting conversations about where the game is heading and how we should get there.

Last, but not least, an audio engineer to give the game some needed juice! He has been going over the current spell list and have started coming up with some amazing effects.

It is very exiting to see all these parts start moving! I am happy to welcome them all!

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