TODO list for 0.0.2


  • Fizzle on damage
  • Fizzle on low mana
  • No targeting ghosts
  • Reimplement casting effect


  • Fix animation bug


  • Display poison on health bar (make hp green)
  • Add Buff/Debuff icon placeholders


  • Add icon holder for buff/debuff icon to be displayed on HUD


  • Add rez spot near center
  • Make map more interesting

Rebuilding networking

As I make the push for a WebGL, I have had to rework some of the ways I was doing things. One of the major changes is I have been stripping out the client-side code in the headless server build, and stripping out the server code in the client build. I am working hard to make certain that as much of the core functionality of the game is server side to help prevent wide spread hacking.

I am also beginning to implement messaging. I have system messages being sent from the server. This will allow me to bring back chat. I am not certain if I will go for a chat window style or over the head chat yet.