0.0.3 TODO…

Here is the list I am working on for 0.0.3


  • Player Chat
  • In-game leader board of currently connected players.
  • Spellbook and Icons
  • Current Target Indicator
  • Show player names



  • From Spellbook and Icons
  • Key Rebinding
  • Fix damage fizzing spells after successful cast
  • Increase fudge-factor for targeting
  • Last Target
  • Target Self


  • Wall of Stone spell

!! Alpha release 0.0.2 is HERE !!

Well actually it is here, but that’s ok…

I did a bunch of testing on the Linux and Windows versions and everything seems to be stable enough. I have no clue what is going to happen with more than 2 people on at a time so lets stress test the crap out if this thing!

So please download and hop on. Hopefully we have some people hitting the server.

Leader Board

As mentioned in the end of my Game Patches post, I have been working on a leader board ahead of the 0.0.2 release.

Right now it is just a basic table that ranks players (by IP and name) based on number of kills. I will work on stylizing it more later, but as of right now the basic functionality exists and is implemented into the game.

Check it out here.

Game patches

I have been hard at work over the last week designing and building a few new features.

The patch system works by checking a version number for the game on mageduels.com, if the number is different it starts the update process. Before launching the patcher, the game checks the version number for the patcher and if it is different, downloads and updates the patcher software before continuing on to updating the game.

I am happy with this approach because if at any time I release a new version of the game, it will go get the required files without having to send email blasts or hit up twitter or reddit and hope everyone sees it. But also it updates the patcher it’s self. So if in the event I re-write the patcher, the system will pick that up as well.

The other thing I was able to get into the game is a kill log. I have a database set up that logs kill counts by ip. This will be used to update a leader board I will be putting on this site.