Spooky Scary Skeletons


I worked quite a bit this weekend on the champ spawn AI and spawner. Right now it is just a basic spawner that spawns in endless waves of skeletons (placeholder), but I am working on making it act more like the UO conter part where it will have levels.

The idea behind the champ spawn will be to distribute items such as cloths, hats, wands, and staffs, all cosmetic.

Update 10/06/2015

I really appreciate all the feedback I have been given regarding the presentation of the site,  I have been working hard at getting some stuff together. I made the site, hopefully, more accessible. I am looking at getting more screen shots and better quality videos.

I plan of having some really amazing content. I have been working on the interactive start screen, as well as some new effects for spells, and sounds for spells.

I am also looking into DRM solutions so I can get some testers into the game!