Play modes…

I have been thinking a bit about play modes and how all of this will fit into the game. Right now there is match mode and server mode.

Server mode is for casual play. You can join a server and walk around, chat, and duel. It will be a good place to sit when waiting for matches. Servers will be community run.

Match mode is where the action is at. Either create a match or find one already waiting. You are placed into a small area map where you duel until death. Matches can be 1v1 or team v team.

I have been kicking around the idea of a champ-spawn type mode. I haven’t worked out all the kinks, but what I am thinking is you pay some sort of fee (in game gold or something) and your guild opens a champ spawn server. When the champ is slain, you get a reward. Clothing skins or something of the like. Similar to how CS:GO weapon cases work. Other guilds would have the option to challenge your champ spawn by paying a fee to join.  Something of that nature.

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