I Broke Everything: Update 9/8/2015

Change log:

  • I broke everything

So… It turns out there is some sort of bandwidth limit on unity’s matchmaker service. Apparently I was hitting that limit and causing issues with people connecting while testing. So for right now I am rebuilding the spell system to hopefully quell a big portion of the bandwidth that was being used. This is a blessing in disguise because it gives me an opportunity to look over some of the code I wrote and maybe do it in a better way.

Due to the holiday weekend (and it also being my birthday) I didn’t get around to doing a ton of the work I wanted. But I have a plan of attack for this week, and I should have it all back up and running by the weekend.

Currently working on:

  • Rebuilding everything
  • Refactoring the spell system to not be a bandwidth hog.

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