Update 8/15/2015

Change log:

  • Removed Mana Bolt
  • Removed Arcane Blast
  •  Added Mana Blast
  • Added Heal
  • Implemented DirectEffect Spell system
  • Began Implementing AreaEffect Spell system

After a lot of consideration I have decided to stick closer to the UO spell system model I had outlined, and scrapped the model from the card game. Most of the stuff from the card game model would really only work if it was turn based.

What does this mean? I am dropping the 4 spell school and going with 1 set of spells all players will have access to. Additionally I will implement 3 skills: Magic Resist, Magic Amplification, and Magic Intensity. They will be able to be set between 0 and 100 point. With a maximum of 200 points between them. This, hopefully, will allow players to modify the way their character is played. As well as provide a balancing system.

Currently working on:

  • Implementing a delay for DirectEffect spells
  • Adding more spells

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