Update 9/25/2015

One major issue I have been dealing with in using Unity3d is Linux support. I am running Linux, so I have had to run unity though wine. The issue with that is it limits me to 32bit. Recently Unity released a native Linux solution. For the past week, I have been working on getting that to work. There are a lot of issues and crashes at the moment, so I will still be doing the majority of the work on MageDuels in 32bit wine version, and playing around with the native Linux version on the side. When it is stable, I will make the switch.

I had an interesting conversation on twitter yesterday. I have been looking for UO PvP veterans to help give me some feedback on how the game should “feel”. I wasn’t expecting the response “That sounds really, really weird…”

I have been sort of developing this in a bubble, essentially. Is the concept really that weird? He made some good points, but I stand behind the concept being more about competition than full loot. However, this made me think quite a bit of how to increase the risk vs reward in the champ spawn game mode.

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